Why are so many free hookup sites horrible?

If you’ve been visiting a lot of pussy or were tempted to join some of them, you probably already know that a lot of them are horrible. They really are. They’re like complete pits. It would seem like they suck so bad that they were all based on some sort of common cookie-cutter type template.

If this sounds all contemptuous, I’m sorry but a lot of guys are essentially experiencing free hookup sites this way. This is not a rare opinion. The reason why they’re so horrible is because they tend to commit the same cardinal sins. They commit the same common mistakes and they end up wasting people’s time. Sure, these free hookup sites are completely free but, guess what, they waste your most precious asset: your time.

Every hour you spend on a free hookup site that sucks ass is one wasted hour of your time that you’re never going to get back. Worst of all, that is one hour that you could have spent doing something more pleasurable or that could have produced money for you. I hope you get my point: Time is money. So if you don’t want to waste time on free hookup sites, pay attention to the following key factors that worthless hookup sites all share.

They have shallow localization

Unless you have a private jet that’s ready for you to jump on to so you can bang a chick in Alaska, you need localization. In other words, you need local pussy in your area. That’s the bottom line. Unfortunately, a lot of these free dating sites drop the ball when it comes to localization. If you see this pattern, get the hell out of there; you’re just wasting your time.

They are based on cookie-cutter templates

If a website looks exactly the same as another website that you’ve seen before, then chances are the quality of the people there would suck. There’s really no chance that that website would have gone through the time, effort, and bother of fostering a real community. Why? They’re just cranking out free hookup sites off the same template.

It’s not unusual for one company to operate several hundred dummy free hookup sites. Those hookup sites aren’t hookup sites at all. They’re basically just pimping machines that would try to separate you from your hard-earned dollars by having you click on cheesy ads.