How to Become a cougar Dating Machine

A lot of guys think that they are nature’s gift to cougars. They think they are the ultimate cougar dating machine. Well, everybody’s entitled to think whatever they want of themselves. However, reality will always get in the way. If you are going to think highly of yourself, make sure that your self-impression is based on solid reality.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys fall short of being the ultimate cougar dating machine. It’s really easy to see why.

A lot of younger guys think that just because they’re younger, all these older women would automatically flock to them. Absolutely wrong. While youth does play a factor in the attraction mechanism between older women and younger guys, youth is just one factor. If you’re a complete slob or if you’re very nasty, chances are you won’t attract as many hot older women as you’d like. While you will attract older women, they might be the type of older women that you want to stay away from. I hope you get my point.

If you want to truly become a cougar fucking machine, pay attention to the following.

Take Good Care of Your Body

You might want to hit the gym. You might want to fill out the muscles. I’m not saying that you should turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger or some sort of professional bodybuilder. I’m not saying that at all.

What I’m saying is that you need to have a lean and toned body. Not only is this easier on the eyes, but this also increases your energy levels so you can make your partner orgasm at least three times a night. You have to remember that older women have multiple orgasms. That’s why she is looking for somebody with the right body and the right energy level.

Bring High Level Energy

Make no mistake about it. Your goal is to make her cum at least three times a night. That’s the bottom line. This requires a lot of energy. I’m not just talking about drinking a lot of Red Bull. I’m not just talking about drinking a lot of coffee before you head out to the motel. No.

This means you need to take good care of your body. You need to eat right. And most importantly, you need to think right. That’s right. You have to have the right mindset. Or else, you will not perform to the highest level.